Some pictures with my new camera

Yesterday we were going to go to that new movie, something about a boy and a water horse or something like that. But I got cheap with the cost of Christmas and all, and the thought of paying $9 a ticket for a movie. Not to mention I would find myself irritated with Aubrey for behaving like a 3 year old in a movie that is over her head. Alyssa now that she is walking would be a nightmare in a movie also. So to pay $45 for that kind of irritation seemed well wrong. So I suggested that we go for a hike. It was freezing well I guess since people who might be reading this live in Alaska I shouldn’t complain of the temperature. It was high 20’s so we bundled everyone up, packed up some sandwiches and off we went. We sat outside and ate lunch at the top of a large bluff. It was nice but it got cold fast so we headed back down the trail. I really just wanted to try out my camera so I took a few pictures along the way.