Poor Tanner

I’ve been getting a lot of “poor Tanner”—I’m even guilty of saying it myself. But the more I think about it, the more I realize he is not “poor.” Just the other day I heard Aubrey telling Tanner to come and get his dirty laundry off the bathroom floor, and just minutes after that Alyssa reminded Tanner that he left a stinky sock in the bathroom. Emma is often reminding him to brush his teeth. Now look at all the trouble these girls are saving my son from! OK, really I’m just teasing, I’m often reminding the girls that Tanner only needs one mom and I try hard to protect him from being overly mothered. But on the positive side, he will always have his own room, he won’t ever share his father at Father and Son’s, and let me tell you when he is off at scout camp this summer, there are going to be some irate young ladies in my home and a lot of “no fairs” being shouted. Tanner has the best personality for a house full of sisters, and I believe he will be just fine with it.

Danny happens to have 5 sisters, a few brothers also, but I think that him having so many sisters has turned him into a fabulous husband. He is patient, kind and cleans house, what more could I ask for? I’m pretty sure that having so much female influence in his life has contributed to the man he is today. So no more poor Tanner’s from me, Tanner is truly blessed!

3 thoughts on “Poor Tanner”

  1. I think Tanner is the lucky one! He never has to share a room!:)I get that is not fair from Josie all the time on scout camp and father sons. But I tell her fair is fair! We even the score with date nights with her daddie! I hope you are doing well! Love those pictures! Keep them coming!:)

  2. I am hoping that Hayden will be whipped into being one heck of a husband because of the female influence here. Oh yeah.

  3. It would have been nice to have some girls to whoop my five sons into shape. I had to do it all by myself…well Mark helped–but he's a BOY too…

    We had many conversations about women's work & the fact that they had hands just like me to do the chores too.

    I didn't want one of my daughter-in-loves to grubble at me about not teaching them to do 'clean ups' & such!!!

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