Hallie's Blessing

Sunday we blessed Hallie in my parents ward in Salt Lake. It was much easier then having all the family travel to us and we wanted to go to SLC anyway. On Saturday night my cousin and her kids and my Aunt and Uncle came over to my parents house for dinner. The kids had a fun time in a little pool my mom set up, and I was able to visit with my family. I don’t get many opportunities to visit with family much I need to make that more of a priority in my life. My cousin made a beautiful dress for Hallie’s blessing and the whole day was wonderful. I always want to write down the blessing, but never have. One thing that stuck out in my mind was what an inspiration to others she would be.

My mom’s apricot tree had lots of fruit on it this year, and she didn’t have any plans for it all, so up my kids went into the tree. We brought home lots of fruit, and I’ve been making all sorts of apricots creations with it. Jam and baby food were the tops on my list. I’m sick of apricots!

Cousin Megan and the girls. Thanks Megan for all of your help, church is a breeze with a teenager in tow.

Where are we? Any guesses?

Aubrey and Alyssa playing beauty shop, why they play this I will never know, I only manage to get a hair cut 2x a year and they never go with me. They were playing so cute it was worth a picture.