She can't be 5!

Yep it’s true, my little Aubrey is 5! Some high lights of last night when we had a few friends over and today. Aubrey is a little light in this sometimes dim world, and I can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Aubrey has wanted a pink scooter for a long time. Now she can keep up with Emma and Tanner

I sewed an apron and chef hat for Aubrey and gave it to her with a kid cookbook. Aubrey often cooks with me as an earned privilege now she is all set.

Happy Birthday Baby!

6 thoughts on “She can't be 5!”

  1. Oh where oh where did you get that cupcake…cake? i love it and have to make one! cute cute apron and hat. i bet she just loves them! you are such a great mom! way to go, connie!

  2. The apron and hat turned out so cute. Wish we could have made it to the party. Happy Birthday to Aubrey.

  3. The cupcake cake is sooo cute. i almost made one of those for Meghan but opted for a butterfly instead. you did a great job on the apron and hat as well.

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