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Tanner and Turkey

27 November 2009



We celebrated Tanner’s 9th birthday and Thanksgiving this week.  This is a crazy time for our family, we have two more birthdays the same week as Christmas, and then Danny’s birthday in January.

Thanksgiving was great, we had Mom and Dad and my brother Monte and my other brother’s two kids Marcus and Megan.  I don’t see my niece and nephew often, so it’s been great spending time with them.  They are growing up so quickly and turning into delightful young adults.  The kids have loved having their cousins here, I think they are driving them nuts, but they just love them.

After our Thanksgiving feast yesterday we needed to walk off some of our food and went down to the river.  The kids loved jumping on the ice in the little frog pond, and we watched deer cross the river.  A beaver swam by us and poked his head up to say hi.  Great, relaxing day.  As for Black Friday, I’m not an observer, my sleep is worth more then the few dollars I might save.  Oh speaking of sleep, Hallie has been sleeping better and the exhaustion induced eye twitch has gone away.  I must say I am so relieved, it has been very nerve wracking to have my left eye lid in a constant twitch, or muscle cramp.  A few nights of the baby sleeping through the night and it is gone.  Hopefully never to return.

We went bowling and out to dinner for Tanner’s birthday.  He got a new DS game and some legos for his birthday.  We love you Tanner and are so proud of you!



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Tanner, Thanksgiving

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  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for picking us up at the airport.

  2. Fun!♥ Fun!♥ Fun!♥ Such a Beautiful Family!♥

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