Lookin’ Hot

I am not much of a princess. I’m sure I have aspects of my personality that my husband would say are worthy of the title princess, but when it comes to clothes, hair, makeup, and all things girlie, I wouldn’t describe me as princess worthy.  Emma and Aubrey, for the most part, aren’t princesses either.  Aubrey likes to wear a cute dress, and they both like their hair done, and to have something nice to put on, but they aren’t demanding about what they wear.  Alyssa on the other hand is taking me down a very unfamiliar road, and I’m not sure I’m liking it.

Yesterday while trying to get Alyssa dressed I suggested that she put on a pair of jeans.  I got a turned up lip little high pitch grunt of disgust out of her.  Then she replied, “I AM NOT A BOY!” and “Jeans are for boys.”  I assured her that I was wearing jeans, Aubrey was wearing jeans, and that Emma had jeans on also, and that we were all girls.  I got another high pitched grunt of disgust, and she walked away and came back with a tutu covered in sequins.  “This is what princesses wear.”  “No” I said, so we compromised and she put on a pair of purple pants.  I used to think that princesses were created, not born, but I can assure you that I have not purchased more pink fluffy things for Alyssa then I did for my other girls.  We had a repeat this morning, so I said to her “go, dress like a princess, so I know what a princess looks like.”  This is what I got:


So she won today, I let her hang out just like this all day, and she was so happy.  I did suggest before we took Aubrey to school that she put on a little dress that matches those tights, and she complied.  I’m not sure what to do with this child.

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  1. Elena was a princess, too. We found a bunch of cute cotton playdresses for her to wear to kindergarten because she only wanted to wear dresses. Now at age 14 she mostly wears jeans.

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