The Princess is not happy

Alyssa’s birthday followed by my birthday combined with Christmas parties at the school, school Christmas music concerts, and Christmas all in one week, makes for some craziness.  Alyssa has been waiting for her birthday for a very long time.  We decided not to make her wait to open her presents any longer.  We made a big breakfast for her followed by opening presents in her pj’s.  Then off to the rest of our crazy day, Tanner’s class party, and swimming for Alyssa’s birthday.  I asked her if she wanted to have a birthday party, she did not, all she wanted was to go swimming, so swimming is what we did.

I find it funny that Alyssa refers to her self as the Princess, and will declare herself happy or unhappy.  She got in the van, and was convinced that when she turned three she would be able to reach the “Oh Crap” handle as I like to call it.  I got her all strapped in and got in the drivers seat when she starts to scream and cry.  I turn around to have her yell “The Princess is not happy”.  Seriously, I don’t have time for an unhappy princess.  So I calmly ask her why, and she says that she isn’t three because she can’t reach.  That she is still two and that if she was really three she would be able to reach.  Sigh… I explained of course, and told her it takes all year to grow, so let’s hope by four she can reach.

Alyssa has been insisting on doing everything in threes all week.  Three stories at bed, three stuffed animals to sleep with, three pieces of candy, three chunks of sandwhich etc.  I enjoy seeing her enthusiasm for turning three.

I’m looking forward to Christmas, but I’m also looking forward to the New Year.  I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and things I’d like to accomplish this coming year.  It’s going to be an exciting year, hopefully with a lot of positive change, and exciting adventures.





Alyssa at Tanner’s class party doing crafts with us, the only good picture of her on her birthday the first ones are just after waking up and the last one is after swimming and a bath and back in pj’s.


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  1. Alyssa cracks me up! She is way too insightful for a 3 year old! Looks like she’ll be skipping 1st grade too 🙂 I call it the “oh crap” handle too 🙂

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