What’s Tanner up to?

Often Tanner gets shoved to the background… my girls sure know how to get attention, and Tanner being good natured usually doesn’t demand much attention.  Tanner had a school concert for Earth Day, and today he went to a United Nations Convention that his teacher put on with another school.  They had a feast afterward with all the different food from the countries they represented.  Tanner did his project on Norway and we made rice pudding for the feast.

Waterfall in Carson City

After a long week I like to unwind outside with the kids.  We have lived here for a long time but have never done this simple hike.  It isn’t my favorite, too many people, a little too accessible so there was a lot of graffiti, and trash.  But we couldn’t go any higher in elevation too much snow still.  Nevada being so arid, I’m sure the water will only run for another month or so.  We did our Saturday morning chores early and were up there in time for a lunch picnic.


*I can’t find one of Alyssa’s church sandals–she has worn last years sandals for two weeks in a row–her toes hang over the edge.

*On my bed lays a mountain of laundry waiting to be folded, and it probably wont be folded today

*I ate half a box of Nilla Wafer’s today, and I hate Nilla Wafers

*Don’t open my pantry

*The bottom of my diaper bag is scary, smashed dried raisins, sticky sucker with no wrapper… most of it is unidentifiable.  I’ll probably huck it instead of clean it when I’m done being a mom of babies

*Unfinished sewing projects plague me, but not enough to finish them

*I enjoy watching TLC’s show called Hoarders it makes me not feel so bad about my own house keeping skills

I’m not sure where I’m headed with this, just keeping it real I think.  Often there is so much we don’t see in others, it’s easy to get caught up in the “Grass is Greener”.  I sometimes have to step back and remind myself that life is not a race, the only person I’m competing against is myself.

How about a few more confessions?  Alyssa has been having a hard time staying in bed.  The best way to keep her in her bed is to threaten to take away her pillow and special blanket.  Well once the threat is out there there has to be a follow through.  Most nights the threat is enough.  Last night she decided to call my bluff, so she lost her pillow and blanket.  Needless to say she was very upset.  Aubrey and Alyssa sleep together in a Queen sized bed.  When all was quiet Danny went to return her treasures to her and found that Aubrey had shared her pillow with Alyssa.  Now I’m not sure if this is a “good job Mom” moment or not.  It’s good in one way that Alyssa stayed in bed, hopefully learned that the threat will be followed through with.  It’s good that we’ve raised a little girl to have compassion and to share and comfort her sister in time of need.  Or is it bad that my 5 year old had to play Mommy and take care of her sister?  I’m torn, but found it sweet nonetheless.

My master closet had become quite the nightmare.  I’ve been trying to do one Spring Cleaning project every week, and decided to start here.  I pulled 8 garbage bags worth of stuff to donate or just get rid of.  How liberating it was.  I am no longer haunted by my closet.  I do wonder if Alyssa missing sandal went out in one of the bags… I’ve looked everywhere else.



The top of the kitchen cabinets got a thorough cleaning also. I’ve never been good at decorating over the tops of cabinets, so I’ve decided to just not decorate up there, less things to dust right?

OK, now you all know some of my dirty little secrets.


Tanner has recently become obsessed with Chess.  No one wanted to be his chess buddy so I suggested that he teach Aubrey.  She has become a Chess maniac.  I titled this post Chest, because I can’t seem to get her to understand that the game is Chess, not Chest… oh well.  Those two play game after game, and everyone gets involved.  Aubrey beat him for the first time today, watch out Tanner, I think you have created a monster.

Las Vegas

I wanted SUNSHINE, and somewhere close.  Vegas was the closest warmest place I could think of, but there is the yuck that comes with Vegas.  So I took it as my personal quest to make Vegas a family friendly vacation destination.  I started with where we were going to stay.  I really didn’t want to be in the big hotels and casinos, so I stumbled upon the Desert Paradise Resort.  It had 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, laundry room, dining room, outdoor patio, and most important a heated pool.  I was able to get it for not much more than a couple of hotel rooms that would have been required of us if we’d stayed at a traditional hotel.

Red Rock Canyon, was first on my list of un-Vegas things to do.  We had so much fun.  We found a waterfall and were able to go behind it and find a cave on the back side.  The kids climbed on the rocks, played in the water, and explored everywhere.  The rocks were perfect for climbing and there was no problem with too many people. Did I mention it was warm?

“Can we go swimming?”  is what I heard at 6:00 every morning.  Alyssa didn’t care what time of day it was, she wanted to go swimming.  This was hands down Alyssa’s favorite activity, and the rest of the kids didn’t seem to mind it either.

Playing at the park and the temple

A little Las Vegas is OK…  Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and a day on the strip.  If you are a Nevada Resident you get a discount!


Saturday, April 3

Egg Hunt at the University of Nevada, Reno

Dying Eggs

Oops- the first dropped egg

Goodies from Grandma

Easter Morning

I didn’t get a lot of pictures on Easter morning, just too much going on.  We all enjoyed a Sabbath Day at home watching conference and eating peeps (can’t have an Easter without Peeps).  We didn’t have a fancy Easter dinner we were headed to Vegas the next morning, and I didn’t want leftovers to go to waste.  I did have a brunch with cinnamon rolls, fruit smoothies, yogurt, bagels with salmon cream cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs.  We ate on that most of the day and were able to enjoy some of the left overs on our trip.