Labor Day

Love the hike to Winnemucca Lake.  A friend from the ward introduced this hike to me last year, and I’ve done it multiple times since.  Half way there is Frog Lake, and we always stop there for a drink and a snack.  This time there was a lady there with her really well behaved Golden Retriever, Spunky.  She told my kids she was so tired and asked if they would like to help her wear her dog out (wink, wink).  The kids readily agreed and spent the next half and hour throwing sticks into the lake and watching that cute dog swim out and retrieve the sticks from the lake.  They learned quick that the dog always shakes when she hands them the stick and she shakes twice.  This lady told me that she got this dog for her son when he was 12.  She said that she handed him some training books and let him take off with it.  What a great idea, and what a way to bond a young boy with his dog.  We always find the nicest of people out on the hiking trails.

I was proud of Alyssa she hiked the whole way in. She is such a little dreamer, it’s hard to get her moving.  She is always looking for unicorns and rainbows and fairies, and has no concept of time.  But she made it.  I tried to tell her that climbing over every rock in her way was making this hike way harder than it had to be, but she had to climb to the top of them all and jump down off each one.  I’m sure her hike was double the distance of mine.  I packed Hallie the whole way back and Danny helped Alyssa by giving her breaks on his shoulders.