Day 27

Alyssa was more than ready to learn to write.  I probably put it off longer than I had to, but man when they are ready, it comes so easily.  We’ve been working for 3 weeks now and she has mastered her name.

Day 25–Happy Birthday

Danny’s 37th birthday.  Danny loves Mexican food so I made him some Taquitos.  Emma asked me if she could make some homemade salsa for his birthday. I also made up some black beans in the crockpot.  Alyssa helped me make a carrot cake, and Aubrey the frosting.  Danny got a new cell phone and some shoes.  Most of all we just had a good time giggling and being together.

Oh and I missed day 24, looks like it’s a once a week thing, I’ll work on that.

Day 23–Fun school assignment

Tanner is studying the immigration of the people from England to the American Colonies.  He was assigned to write a letter informing his family that he was immigrating to a colony of his choice.  Then he had to explain his reason for choosing that Colony and why he didn’t choose different colonies.  The trick is that it had to be on paper that looked old and written in an old style.  We did some research and had a lot of fun making the paper look old.  I had Tanner take the picture for today.

Day 21–No turning back

You see your baby grow, she reaches milestones and it’s exciting.  But there is nothing to prepare you for when they lose that first top front tooth.  It is then that you realize that there is no going back, this is the point where they start to drastically change and grow up.  She is no longer my baby, and every time I look at my little Aubrey part of me is sad.  Eventually I’ll get used to it and get excited for her new upcoming mile stones, but even after 5 kiddos, this is the marker that is the hardest for me to accept.  A little glimpse into Aubrey’s personality.  This top tooth has been loose for a long time, but not overly loose.  She came in with a paper towel in her hand and declared that tooth was coming out today and not 30 minutes later she had pulled it out.

Not the best picture, she chose to pull it out right before bed.