Day 16– Marysville Courthouse

A couple of photos from today’s Sunday drive.  The stained glass was on the church across the street from the Courthouse.  The Courthouse was built in 1880.

Danny and I received callings today.  I’m going to be a primary teacher and Danny is the new Young Men’s Secretary.  We’ve started to get to know the people in the ward, and as their stories unfold I find that I have much in common, and have lots to learn from the members of this ward.  Moving has been such a wonderful learning experience, and we feel very blessed right now.  We are happy!

Buns– Friday Day 14

Danny and I went out for a date, we are trying to sample the local places, this is proving to be lots of fun.  Buns opened in 1864.  The building was full of charm and the food was tasty too.  Danny ate Red Snapper, pan seared, I went for a steak–rare and covered in mushrooms…  Bun is about 10 minutes from our home, I mention this because we used to drive a lot to get places and now everything seems to be just around the corner. I’m sure eventually the giddiness over this will wear off, but for now it’s still a novelty that I’m am thankful for every day!