I went to the store today to buy rain jackets.  2 inches of rain is expected today, and I’m pretty sure we’ve already exceeded that.  Rain again tomorrow, I’m hoping with all this moisture spring is going to produce a show unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, warm and mild.  We went down to the dam, which is a mile or so from our home.  I climbed monstrous steps to the top of the dam and it was so worth it.  I took the opportunity to get some exercise and walked the top of the dam while Danny returned to the bottom to watch everyone fish and let the kids play at the park.  The whole time I was up there I was wishing I had my camera with me.  2 honking swans grazed over my head, fish were jumping out of the lake on my left and the beautiful view of the valley on my right.  I was in heaven.  Next time I will bring the camera.

A bit of a catch up.

Emma had an Irish band concert- it was a class act, full of charm and talent the schools  never stop amazing me

We’ve all had a cold blow through, it’s always a miserable time, but also a nice excuse to  cuddle with the little ones and guilt free watch some movies

We had parent teacher conferences, and all of the kids are doing great.  Aubrey’s spelling words continue to be killer right now they are studying all of the different countries so guess what her spelling words are?  Egypt, Australia, China, along with her normally challenging words.  School for her has been the most challenging so far.  In Nevada 1st graders start to learn to read, but here they expect them to be silently reading chapter book entering the 1st grade, so we’ve really had to step up her reading to bring her to par.

I’m trying very hard to like the house I’m in, but if I could do this again, I would have spent the money to come out and hand pick a house.  This is my biggest regret.  I can’t put into words how stressful overall moving has been.  In my non experienced mind it was a piece of cake, but it has come with many challenges.  We’ve been here for 3 months now, and Danny is officially permanent.  He enjoys his job.  I miss my friends, I miss going to a store and seeing familiar faces, being a complete stranger is an odd sensation.  Luckily the kids have made friends quickly and we feel at home in our new ward. I really do like it here, I don’t regret the move, there were just so many feelings that I didn’t anticipate.

Well now I’m just rambling, so I should wrap this up.   Here’s a few picture of life in Ohio.

Snow day and no electricity=crazy games.  We had lots of relay games, and messy fun games, but this one was called Knock My Socks Off and the point of it was to stay in the boundary of the blanket and try and pull each others socks off.

Young Woman Pinewood Derby- Emma didn’t win anything for speed, but for most creatively decorated.  If you can’t tell what it is, it is a Polly Doll taking a bubble bath.  The girls had a lot of fun.

All of the girls and their cars