The dam park

I go walking at the dam every morning.  Hallie and Alyssa come with me and then we play at the park at the bottom of the dam afterward.  The other day Hallie asked me where we were going and I told her we were going to the park, and she quickly replied with “the dam park?”.  Since then our entire family refers to it as the “dam park”—funny the things that stick.  Tonight we went to the Dam Park with some friends from the ward.  We had a BBQ and the kids ran up the large grassy hills and rolled back down.  The kids were all on top of the dam when a large thunderstorm rolled in.  They were out in the open and in the highest spot in the area, so we quickly called them down and enjoyed a marvelous thunder/lightening storm from the safety our cars, and it poured unlike anything I have ever seen.  The lightening continues still hours later.  I love the freak storms we get here, seems like once a week we get a reprieve from the heat with a beautiful rainstorm.