Another First

Alyssa lost her first tooth this morning, it was just as exciting as when Emma lost her first, amazing how I can feel excitement for each child even if I’ve been through it before with other children. I’ve been threatening for days to call the dentist to pull this tooth, she’s been a bit freaked out by it but this morning it surprised her and fell out on it’s own. The other tooth is already growing in, I foresee another child in braces in the future. She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep her tooth. Out of curiosity I asked her why she wanted to keep it, with Alyssa you never know what kind of an answer you might get, she rarely disappoints. She wants to keep all of her teeth in a jar so that she can show it to boys and they will think it’s cool.
Tooth losing is a bitter sweet milestone, it means they are growing up, but they almost instantly lose all baby-ness in the process.