O Christmas Tree

Today is our 2 year anniversary in Ohio. This is our 3rd Christmas here, and our 2nd house since living here. Right now as I am typing the kids are playing a very loud game of indoor tag. They just finished big mugs of hot chocolate after cutting down our Christmas tree this morning. The kids all wished me a happy anniversary this morning, and I can’t help but reflect a bit on our life.

Two years ago I was full of so much doubt and sadness. The relief society president at the time welcomed us with a warm meal and could see I was struggling to control my emotions and took me away from the house to show me how to find a grocery store. A few days later, she called us to go cut a Christmas Tree with her and her family. We became fast friends and this is our third year to cut trees with their family.

The kids are growing and thriving. Everyone is happy, and Ohio is a good fit for our family. My only regret is that we’ve beenĀ  unable to return to Utah to see family, buying a house, and trying to recover losses from Nevada have been the priority. This summer will be our first visit back since moving.

A few picture from this morning’s adventure!