Birthday Princess

Alyssa loves her birthday more than anyone I know. She agonizes over every detail of the day and NEVER wants a birthday party because that would mean she would have to share her day. On the flip side, if it’s your birthday she is completely loyal and treats you like royalty.

Alyssa had school on her birthday, she requested that I come to lunch with her. We brought ice cream to her classmates at lunch. While I was signing in at the office, my cell phone rang. I answered it and there was my little 6 year old. She had gone to the nurses office and convinced her to call me, she was so worried that I was going to miss her birthday lunch. When I informed her that I was in the office at that very moment she was so relieved. I’m sure the nurse got a good chuckle out of her. If you know Alyssa, me missing her day, would have physically made her ill, so the nurse was probably the best place for her to go.

After lunch, Hallie and I came home to make her requested cake. It was German chocolate with peppermint whip cream and a chocolate ganache and topped with crushed candy canes. Alyssa LOVES that her birthday is near Christmas and even hand picked the Christmas paper that her gifts were to be wrapped in.

Alyssa wanted her ears pierced for her birthday. Right after school, Danny and I took her to get them pierced. She was super brave and didn’t even flinch, totally in Alyssa fashion. She did break down and cry afterward but quickly put herself together and picked out necklaces and bracelets for her sisters. We came home and opened a few more gifts. I sewed Alyssa a sleeping bag, pillow w/pillowcase and matching jammies for her American Girl Doll. She also picked out an outfit for her doll so she knew all about that gift as well. After dressing her doll we went to dinner at The Cracker Barrel. Aubrey and Alyssa put their dolls at a separate table and the manager came out and took their order. They really went all out for my princess. It was pretty cute. Home for cake and to put the tired birthday girl to bed.

You will notice in the pictures that Tanner has picked up a new hobby and that is photo bombing everyone’s photos. You will notice how unimpressed Alyssa is with his new talent.

Alyssa and her best friend Lizzie

Hand- picked wrapping paper

Tanner photo bombing the picture

Alyssa and her “perfect” cake

 Another photo bomb by Tanner, good thing Alyssa hasn’t spotted him

 Emma getting in on the action, Alyssa is getting annoyed

 Alyssa and her perfect birthday!