a hiking we will go

We went on a little hike last night. Gas prices are so high so we stayed close to home. This hike is only a couple of miles from our house. I’m getting pretty tired of all the brown here in Nevada, and I’m hoping springs comes soon. Anyway, I was playing with my camera and got some cute pictures of the kids. I wanted to see if I could get them all jumping at the same time. I did get one, so I’ll post that. We are all in training so to speak to hike to Vernal Falls at Yosemite in June. This hike started with a big hill. Aubrey made it to the top on her own with no problems so I think we are on our way to being ready for Yosemite. Of course I’m still going to the gym and going on the hikes with the kids so I’m pretty sure I’ll make it to the top.