Todays moment of dorkiness

Most days I have a moment of dorkiness, (spell check says dorkiness isn’t a word, but jerkiness is why? I like dorkiness) some days more then one, but today’s was a little more monumental. I decided instead of going to the gym today I’d ride my bike to school with the kids. It’s a 4 mile ride so 8 miles round trip. I get the little girls into the trailer and head out with the kids. My first realization is what a horrible mother I am for making my kids ride their bikes to school. It’s stinking cold out here, and my hands are going to freeze off. The ride to school went smoothly though, and I made a mental note to make my kids wear gloves when they ride to school. See I learned something from this. On my way home though, there is this hill, it’s loads of fun on the way there, but on the way home it wasn’t nearly as much fun. So I’m watching the teachers pass me on their way to school, some parents I know wave at me. I live in a neighborhood, I have decided that everyone drives their SUV’s with their puppies sitting on their laps and their hair is always done. The mothers look beautiful in the morning in their nice cars, and I’m sweating profusely. I’ve had to shift down since I have a 60 pound trailer on the back so life is going by in slow motion but I’m pedaling super fast, then my pants get stuck in the chain and gear thing while it’s shifting so now my pants are shredded, I’m still sweating and panting, and everyone is waving at me… YIKES can’t I just get home. There are a few lessons learned though.
1. The gym works, I rode that bike both directions pulling a heavy trailer, uphill and down without having to walk the bike once
2. Don’t ride a bike wearing yoga pants.
3. Go later to the school so that I don’t have to look like an idiot with all the parents and teachers waving at me.
4.Give my 3 year old a snack while in the trailer so that she doesn’t keep asking me why we are going so slow.

That’s it for me today! I shouldn’t be let out of the house.

Wind, wind go away

This little place that we live is known for it’s wind. The high school mascot is the dust devils, and often the highway that leads to civilization is closed due to dust storms, but lately the wind is just brutal. I mentioned before about our fence blowing down while we were in Washington, well today I watched another part of the fence wave like the ocean, and then blow into our neighbors yard. It’s a strong wind to snap a 4X4 like a tooth pick. We have a grown up swing in the backyard grown up, that’s what the kids call it. It’s sitting upside down now on the lawn. The kids picnic table is in multiple pieces. While I was at the gym this morning, a neighbor tucked my garbage can in a safe place, thanks to whichever one of you did that nice thing. We haven’t even finished fixing the first downed fence. To top things off with mother nature, Reno has been hit by over 200 earth quakes in the last couple of weeks, with a few of them over 5.0. They are warning us that they are building and to be prepared for the worse. Yikes enough already.

My Dirty Little Secret

OK, I have a confession to make. I have a messy bedroom. I strive hard to keep the majority of my home in a semi clean fashion, but my bedroom seems to be the dumping ground of the family. I decided that today was the day and that my room was going to be clean! So for your viewing pleasure, I have before and after pictures.
Some of the things that came out of my room.
-7 pair of kid shoes
-two bags of garbage
-hair things, and more hair things
-dust, at least 2 pounds
-books, books that I’m not reading, but someone else in the house is
-toys, wow, why do I have so many toys in my bedroom
-a sit and spin
-used Q tips, ewww!
So shun me if you wish, but I did fix it, and now I’m reaching out to others with the same dirty secret.
I was too lazy to change the lens on the camera, so I could only get close up pictures, but I think you can see a difference.
Tune in tomorrow for the Master Bath…

More of Alyssa

Yesterday Alyssa was outside climbing on our “play thing” and sliding, I’m sure most of you would gasp when you see her come flying down the slide, but she is pretty confident of her abilities, and has a lot of fun sliding. For those of you safety obsessor’s, there is at least 6 inches of gravel under the slide, swings, and climbing area. I couldn’t resist the chance to catch some pictures of Alyssa. In most of the pictures she has a mouthful of chewed up apple, but I caught a couple of cute ones!
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Unlike Aubrey, if I come at Alyssa with a camera she will refuse to look at me. That can be good sometimes because I get a more natural shot of her, but bad when I just want her to be cute and smile. I wanted to post some of these pictures of Alyssa so that my Mom can see that she has curly hair. My mothers father had naturally curly hair, and so far my kids have had very straight hair. Alyssa appearance is different from my other girls. Aubrey had lots of hair by this age, and so did Emma, but Alyssa’s hair is slow to grow, but I love the curl in it. She is also very blonde, more like Tanner was.

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Little Aubrey was playing outside in the sandbox yesterday, so I snuck out with the camera to try and catch something with her not pulling a cheesy grin at me. When she see’s the camera she starts posing, I think she is destined to be a little model. Aubrey’s personality is so sweet though, and I wanted to catch her sweet side.

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