Some random chaotic thoughts from my brain

I made Beef Barley Soup today, so if you hear screaming it’s just my children when they find out what they are having for dinner… Tanner might eat it, and Emma will politely pick at it, Aubrey and Alyssa will eat it, I actually thought it turned out yummy. I’ll let you know how it goes over. Tonight is FHE, and I’m on lesson, I need to organize my thoughts on that still, I’m not sure what to do with that yet. Aubrey has requested Brownies for treat, I think I can comply with that request, it might help the soup go down better.

So yesterday I left for church early with hopes of catching some cute Easter pictures of the kids. Blah, it went bad. The wind was blowing, it does that a lot here this time of year. Anyway, Emma was trying so hard to be good, and would do as asked, Aubrey got on a kick of I’m freezing, so she is fussing in the pictures, and Alyssa just wouldn’t hold still for a minute, and she wont even look at me if I have a camera. So I guess there will be no cute Easter picture this year, or maybe next year, not until Alyssa grows up a little more. Another problem is Emma kept crouching down to be on level with her sisters, but then you could see up her skirt. Obviously I was in over my head, so we headed to church. I tried though.

I have a couple of picture I want to put up of Aubrey’s Preschool Easter party that we had at our house before we left for Washington. This little group of kids that do the co-op preschool with me are just a good group of kids, and cute too, how can we have that many cute kids in one group. I’m having such a positive experience with this little group. Well that is it for me today.