Todays moment of dorkiness

Most days I have a moment of dorkiness, (spell check says dorkiness isn’t a word, but jerkiness is why? I like dorkiness) some days more then one, but today’s was a little more monumental. I decided instead of going to the gym today I’d ride my bike to school with the kids. It’s a 4 mile ride so 8 miles round trip. I get the little girls into the trailer and head out with the kids. My first realization is what a horrible mother I am for making my kids ride their bikes to school. It’s stinking cold out here, and my hands are going to freeze off. The ride to school went smoothly though, and I made a mental note to make my kids wear gloves when they ride to school. See I learned something from this. On my way home though, there is this hill, it’s loads of fun on the way there, but on the way home it wasn’t nearly as much fun. So I’m watching the teachers pass me on their way to school, some parents I know wave at me. I live in a neighborhood, I have decided that everyone drives their SUV’s with their puppies sitting on their laps and their hair is always done. The mothers look beautiful in the morning in their nice cars, and I’m sweating profusely. I’ve had to shift down since I have a 60 pound trailer on the back so life is going by in slow motion but I’m pedaling super fast, then my pants get stuck in the chain and gear thing while it’s shifting so now my pants are shredded, I’m still sweating and panting, and everyone is waving at me… YIKES can’t I just get home. There are a few lessons learned though.
1. The gym works, I rode that bike both directions pulling a heavy trailer, uphill and down without having to walk the bike once
2. Don’t ride a bike wearing yoga pants.
3. Go later to the school so that I don’t have to look like an idiot with all the parents and teachers waving at me.
4.Give my 3 year old a snack while in the trailer so that she doesn’t keep asking me why we are going so slow.

That’s it for me today! I shouldn’t be let out of the house.