Some random chaotic thoughts from my brain

I made Beef Barley Soup today, so if you hear screaming it’s just my children when they find out what they are having for dinner… Tanner might eat it, and Emma will politely pick at it, Aubrey and Alyssa will eat it, I actually thought it turned out yummy. I’ll let you know how it goes over. Tonight is FHE, and I’m on lesson, I need to organize my thoughts on that still, I’m not sure what to do with that yet. Aubrey has requested Brownies for treat, I think I can comply with that request, it might help the soup go down better.

So yesterday I left for church early with hopes of catching some cute Easter pictures of the kids. Blah, it went bad. The wind was blowing, it does that a lot here this time of year. Anyway, Emma was trying so hard to be good, and would do as asked, Aubrey got on a kick of I’m freezing, so she is fussing in the pictures, and Alyssa just wouldn’t hold still for a minute, and she wont even look at me if I have a camera. So I guess there will be no cute Easter picture this year, or maybe next year, not until Alyssa grows up a little more. Another problem is Emma kept crouching down to be on level with her sisters, but then you could see up her skirt. Obviously I was in over my head, so we headed to church. I tried though.

I have a couple of picture I want to put up of Aubrey’s Preschool Easter party that we had at our house before we left for Washington. This little group of kids that do the co-op preschool with me are just a good group of kids, and cute too, how can we have that many cute kids in one group. I’m having such a positive experience with this little group. Well that is it for me today.

Washington here we come…

We are home from our “spring” break trip to Washington. I say spring break with a little sarcasm though, instead of sunshine and dirt we found snow, and more snow. We went up to spend Easter with Danny’s sis Katy and her family. Emma and Tanner have been talking about visiting their cousins for a long time, and Aubrey was very excited to see Byron her cousin who is “just her size”.
Danny was away at Brain Share so I was responsible for packing everything up and driving to Boise to pick him up at the airport, and then drive the rest of the way with him. The drive to Boise was nice and the kids were in good spirits, they were anxious to see Danny since he’d been gone for a week. It took me 7 hours to get to Boise, we picked up Danny at the airport and drove another couple of hours to Pendleton Oregon. The views in Pendleton are amazing.

On Saturday morning we had a short drive into Yakima and we were there before lunch.
Sally and her family shortly joined us at Katy’s house and we colored Easter Eggs. That is always one of my favorite things to do. We have been gone from our house at Easter time for many years, so I haven’t had a chance to get creative with eggs in a long time, maybe next year. We did wrap some rubber bands around the eggs to create stripes, and the kids had a great time just being with their cousins.

Sally stopped by our campsite on her way down to Katy’s and called to ask if we knew that it was buried in snow. Needless to say we had no idea. We packed shorts and swimsuits. When I called to make the reservations at Ensign Ranch the lady told me about the lake, the horses, the slip and slide, the rock wall and all the wonderful things to do there. I had no clue that there was 4 feet of snow on the ground. Danny and I decided to stay with Katy through Easter and then head up to the camp ground after that.

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church and the little ones had too much fun finding the eggs and eating the candy in them. We had a lovely late lunch of ham, potatoes, asparagus, and strawberries and dip. It was all wonderful (thank you Katy).

I had to laugh at the boys, they were blowing up Peeps in the microwave.

The picture below we have Benny to thank for…

On Monday morning we took off for Ensign Ranch. Thanks to Katy and her family we were well equipped for the snow. It actually worked out well. The kids were troopers and didn’t complain one bit. They had so much fun climbing the snow banks, throwing the snow, and just being kids. I loved watching them. Katy braved the snow with us on Tuesday and her kids joined us up there. I took some fun pictures of the kids playing together. The nights were warm thanks to a wood stove–Danny did suffer a burn from a middle of the night accident while adding wood to the fire. We cooked on the wood stove, it was a fun adventure, different then what we were planning, but surprisingly fun.

We had plans to go to Seattle on Wednesday, but it snowed and Katy decided not to press her luck in the snow. Danny and I went over Snoqualmie Pass and got lost in Seattle. Once we found our way we took the kids to the Science Center by the Space Needle, and then went down to Pike Street and out onto the pier to watch the ferries come in and out. We talked with a drunk homeless man, and got drenched by a car on an over pass that splashed down onto us. We had yummy pumpkin cookies at the Pike Place Market. We then headed back to camp. There was more snow Wednesday night, and I worried about being able to get the car out on Thursday to head home. I imagined being forced to live this way, it gave me a new respect for the way people used to live. I came home to my nice washing machine and dryer, and my heat that I just have to push a button to get. No going to the wood shed for me, I have a lot to be grateful for.
We left for home on Thursday and drove to Baker City, Oregon. We stayed there and enjoyed a nice hot bath. Then 10 hours on the road on Friday and all was right again. Everyone enjoyed themselves, but we were all happy to have the comfort of our beds. Thanks again to Katy and John, we had a good break. Sally it was great to see you and your cute family again. I hope that we don’t wait a year to see each other again.

After 8 hours in a car, Aubrey decided to show her creative side. Things were real quiet, so I guess we should have been suspicious. Then Tanner screamed from the back seat, and I discovered that our three year old was turning into a Smurf! There wasn’t a spot of skin showing on that hand, and she had just started on the other one when we caught her. What scares me is the smile on her face!

Sunday Afternoon

Danny is off to brain share this week so it is just me and the kids. Church was good today, Aubrey is finally growing up and can stay out of trouble while I attended to Alyssa during sacrament meeting today. Alyssa is just coming into trouble though and I need to prepare myself for her stinkery ways. Emma and Tanner are in the living room reading books, and Aubrey is working with puzzles. That girl is a puzzle freak. Alyssa is napping, and the house is so quiet it is creepy. If this is any indication on how the week is going to go it should be a great week. Danny if you are reading this, I hope you have fun at brain share, you deserve a trip away, even if it is a week long party(wink, wink). I’ll keep you posted on how this week goes.

a hiking we will go

We went on a little hike last night. Gas prices are so high so we stayed close to home. This hike is only a couple of miles from our house. I’m getting pretty tired of all the brown here in Nevada, and I’m hoping springs comes soon. Anyway, I was playing with my camera and got some cute pictures of the kids. I wanted to see if I could get them all jumping at the same time. I did get one, so I’ll post that. We are all in training so to speak to hike to Vernal Falls at Yosemite in June. This hike started with a big hill. Aubrey made it to the top on her own with no problems so I think we are on our way to being ready for Yosemite. Of course I’m still going to the gym and going on the hikes with the kids so I’m pretty sure I’ll make it to the top.


I remember watching parents with their children and (gasp) judging them. I’d often comment to Danny or just to myself that “I won’t let my kids do that” or “you wont catch me doing that with my kids”. Well recently I’ve had a few of those moments. I often feel the house closing in on me when I know that Danny is due home soon and I have so much that I haven’t completed yet. I ponder what I have done that day, and what I have to show for the day. What will I tell him that I have done. I have a stack of books that I’ve read with Aubrey, but that doesn’t take 8 hours. There are dirty dishes in the sink I guess that proves that we’ve eaten today… Anyway, let me get back on my topic here. I was folding laundry in a desperate attempt to accomplish something with my many hours that I spend at home. When I fold laundry I sit against the wall and build piles out from me but it fences me in. So Alyssa got a hold of a pink marker (this is one of those things that I wouldn’t let my kids do). Come on what parent lets their one year old play with a marker. I figured she wouldn’t get the lid off WRONG. She did. So I jumped up over the top of the laundry knocking several piles down and took it away. She screamed, cried, I think you get the picture. I placed the lid back on and gave it back to her, what are the chances she’ll take it off twice. Back to the laundry I go I figure she’ll lose interest as little children often do, but she didn’t of course. She took the lid off, so up I go take it away, and we start over. This goes on a few times and that panic feeling sets in and I start to think that I’m never going to get this laundry done. So I just said “oh well, what’s the worst that can happen with a marker” I let her just have it. She sucked on it a few times, and colored on her white onsie. I justify it with the thought of we are done having kids and she has almost outgrown it anyway. I guess my awakening happened when my older kids came in to start collecting piles of laundry to put away. Emma shrieks “Mom aren’t you watching her” I thought “she is going to say things like her Mom just like I say things like my Mom”… sorry Emma. Tanner comes in and being a boy, solves the problem kind of. He yanks it out of her hand, at this point I’ve lost all interest in laundry I’m past my point of panic and I’m enjoying the things going on around me. Alyssa of course screams at Tanner and he gives it back. It looks like Alyssa is going to win this one. Well the laundry did get folded and is put away until tomorrow when it starts over again. The older kids think I have lost my mind but overall the damage of the marker wasn’t so bad, and I think I’ve learned a small lesson. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to go all crazy and let Alyssa do everything she wants, but maybe I need to relax just a tad. As for Danny, he’ll be home in 5 minutes, and the dishes aren’t done, but being the perfect husband he wont say a thing, I’ll be the only one asking what I did today, and wonder if I couldn’t have fit those dishes in…

My friend Rhonda showed me some stomach excercises on friday. Yikes, I’m in so much pain. I guess that means I need to keep at them. I worked on arms today and did the 45 minutes on the elliptical. I’m not dropping weight as fast as I would like, but I’m not giving up. I’m just trying not to think about it so much. I’m blaming it on the fact that I’m gaining muscle while losing fat so it’s just taking it’s place. Don’t burst my bubble…