Cheap Fun!

Two years ago Danny and I decided to purchase a TV projector with a screen, a combo unit that has a built in DVD player. We have a family pizza and movie night every Friday night, and thought that instead of buying a large TV for the family room we would probably have more fun watching movies on a screen. Last night we took the projector outside and brought the screen out also, but the wind was blowing just a little, but it wouldn’t take much for the screen to go flying. We aimed the projector at the wall of our house and it worked wonderful. The house is a light tan color, with a thick texture stucco, but you couldn’t even tell. I tried to get a picture of it, but it didn’t show up well on the camera. We watched The Secret Garden, Aubrey soon fell asleep since it doesn’t get dark until 8:30 so we just let her sleep outside until the movie was over. The kids were all in their sleeping bags, it was so much fun we were thinking we need to invite another family over to watch with us next time.

Emma and Alyssa waiting for the movie to start

Today Tanner had another soccer game. He was goalie again, I guess I should stop saying that, I think he’s the official team goalie, he did great, he’s getting more aggressive with his stops and is doing a great job. No one scored on him today.

Tanner has a friend hanging out with us today. Dane’s Mom went with her daughter for a daughters day out and I didn’t mind him hanging with us for the afternoon. We had lots of yard work to do so Danny set to mowing the lawn while I made up some lunch and got everyone in their swim suits. We pulled out the little kid pool and set up the slip and slide and everyone was kept busy for hours.

This picture is for Grandpa O’Barr!