Frogs, Lizards and Free Fun!

I’m on the look out for inexpensive fun. We have a State Park here in Dayton, and they occasionally have events for families. This summer they are having a Nature Buddies series for the kids. The cost into the park-$4, but cost me next to nothing in gas because it’s so close to our home. We arrived early and the park ranger, who was really good with kids, found us a frog to play with. Emma was the only one who actually caught the frog, and it pooped on her and then jumped into her hair. She was enjoying the frog until it got in her hair, and then she started screaming. Look closely at the picture and you can see the frog actually jumping at her.

The ranger took us for a hike, we collected rocks to paint, and cat tails to make the cutest floating ducks.
There were a couple of real nature enthusiast boys there. They were excellent lizard catchers, and had about 7 lizards in a matter of 5 minutes. The one boy walked around with the lizard in his hair. Aubrey enjoyed the lizard, she loved that if you put the lizard on its back and rub it’s tummy it will go to sleep in your hand. I’m not sure if that is why it really mellows, and acts asleep or not, but that is how it appeared to be.

Well, my Dad says that I go on too long, so I wont tell you about the other things we did there, but we enjoyed ourselves.

One thought on “Frogs, Lizards and Free Fun!”

  1. I love the frogs except they always pee on me and there’s still a part of my brain that thinks that I am going to get warts from the pee. Oh yeah, how do you get that little “Print it” option on your blog. I want that so that I can count it as a journal. And yes, I want all of our childhood junk memories for my retro journal. There’s some things we did which we should not be aloud to forget.

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