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Today was the last day of school for the kids. I must say I am relieved, I’m very happy to have my kids home. I’m looking forward to an active summer. Both kids had a good year at school, Tanner skipped first grade but came out with straight A’s every quarter and tested higher then most 4th graders. The Gifted and Talented teacher stopped and talked to me the other day to tell me that Tanner’s reading score was what a 6th grader needs to test at in order to advance, so I would say the move to the second grade was a good move for him. Emma had a great year also, and you can see a review of her Gifted and Talented project if you go over to her blog.
As celebration for a good year we are watching Harry Potter outside tonight and bbq’ing hot dogs, fruit salad, salsa w chips and cookies for dessert.
On Thursday night Emma goes to Gymnastics from 4 till 7. I go in by myself and take care of grocery shopping and other errands that need to be run. Danny had all the kids and was making dinner. When I got home it was rather quiet, so I asked where Aubrey was. He said out back so I went looking for her and couldn’t find her anywhere. I was calling for her, and was starting to panic when Emma saw her over on the big swing. She had fallen asleep outside on the swing. It was early and before dinner, but we decided to put her down for the night and carried her inside. I thought it was pretty cute that she could fall asleep outside, although a little worrisome, I’d hate for her to hide in a clothing rack in the store or something and fall asleep and I can’t find her. We’ve had a few late nights though and I think she was just overly tired.
The kids had fun day at school on Wednesday, I ran the cake walk. We had a 45 minute window to fill so after they got their cup cake then they could take it over to the table and decorate it. Followed by burning it off by hula hooping. It went well, and I was happy to help out. I feel like I’ve been less then helpful lately with Alyssa and Aubrey, I’m not always able to go into the school without finding someone to take my little ones, and then their is guilt for leaving them behind. Danny brought Aubrey and Alyssa down to fun day and let them get in the bounce house and run around and do the other stations that were set up.
It’s been a busy week and I’m glad it is over. I’ve secured me a spot in Provo for the kids sport camps in July, I’m going to hang out in Utah for the two weeks in between the camps. I think we’ll just enjoy ourselves at the pool, movies and parks, I don’t think we’ll have a hard time coming up with something to do. I’d like to go to Seven Peaks water park once while we are there, if any family will be in Utah at that time let me know and we can meet up.
Well that is probably more then enough from me. Just one picture of Aubrey sleeping on the swing.