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The kids are missing Danny today. Aubrey really seems to be struggling. I’m so glad that they love their father so much, I’ve tried to explain to them that even if we are home that he wouldn’t be there because he is out of town for work. We worked it out so that he would take his work trips while we were gone. I must admit I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the kids and all the activities that we are doing, I could use a few hours to myself, but I do so love them and they are being fabulous.
Aubrey has been saying some funny things lately. She asked me if teasing is lying, we’ve been talking a lot about lying lately, around three all of my kids have gone through a little experimental phase with lying, so I’m happy to see that she is thinking about it. Is teasing lying? I guess from a three year old perspective I could see how some teasing could be lying… I’ll have to give it some thought. Today she picked up a rock and asked me why Jesus wants rocks on the earth… I told her that it gives us something neat to look at and study, I asked her why does Jesus want mosquitoes on the earth, she didn’t have an answer for me. I love that little troll.
Today we went swimming at a local pool in Orem, it had slides and a large very warm shallow pool and the kids had too much fun. There was something for everyone at a very reasonable price, why can’t Nevada have somthing like that? I know the grass is always greener, I’ll try and find something green about Nevada.
After swimming we went down to the lake to go fishing. A sail boat caught our lines and ripped all of our line out of the poles, we were all frustrated, big booger, couldn’t he see we were fishing there? There was plenty of space to go around us… Frustrating. Since fishing came to an early end I couldn’t resist the breath taking sunset, the wind was blowing which kept the mosquitoes at bay, and so we ran over to the rocks and I saw picture opportunities. So I’ll share a few of my hand at photography, which really isn’t that great, but I’m trying.
Lets hope tomorrow isn’t such an emotional exhausting day. Danny will be here in 6 days, I think we can all make that. I’m thinking that I’ll go to the zoo on Friday morning and then head over to the airport to pick him up.

Oh I don’t have any photo editing software with me, so therse are unedited photos.This is how Tanner fishes… at one point I caught him looking at the world through gum drops over his eyes. At least he can keep himself amused.

Grandpa Titcomb showing us how it is done!

Alyssa’s cookie face. Grandma was bribing her with cookies to keep her out of the lake the kid is going to have to detox when we get home.

Practicing with my camera. There are lots of shots, I tried to just pick a couple.

One more, when I look at this picture I can see how tired her little eyes are. I got a lot of great shots and if I had more time and well energy I’d play around with some of them, but I know when I’m beat, and I’m beat!

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  1. Very nice shots. Wall-worthy, I’m thinking.
    And here’s my “greener” for Nevada. I absolutely love the big, clear blue skies. Every time we drive back to Nevada, I’m struck with them again.

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