12 Years Ago…

Danny and I married in the Salt Lake City Temple. I look back and wonder where the time has gone. Life has brought us so many wonderful blessings, challenges, and fun. I was pretty sure that when I married Danny that I knew what love was, but I have discovered that I’m just scratching the surface with my knowledge and I look forward to what our future has in store for us.
Danny is such an amazing husband, we were engaged after only 3 weeks of dating, crazy is what I would tell one of my daughters if they pulled such a stunt, but I have no regrets. Danny is a great father, husband, and any other roll that needs to played in our life, he just seems to know what to do.
It’s funny, we haven’t done this on purpose, but we never really celebrate our anniversary. I’m not sure when it started, in the beginning we gave each other gifts and things, but it’s kind of been taken over by more pressing things, like life. I don’t really mind though, it gives me the opportunity to think about my husband and not what he gave me this anniversary. We usually go out to dinner, but that is about it. I know that Danny would give me anything and that is enough for me. Someday I’m hoping to replace those dinners with trips to far off lands, but right now we are Mom and Dad. I know that he loves me in all the little things that he does, he’s the first one to do the dishes after dinner. Or that laundry that need hanging, he’s on it. Those are just little things. How about the many times he’s volunteered to clean up puke at 2:00am, or change the diapers before I even know that the baby is messy. The are too many things that he does to name them all. He’s just wonderful, and marriage is the best thing that has happened to me!

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