So I’m wasting time on the computer, listening to Aubrey play with her friend Kendra. Aubrey comes in from out side and says “pretend that I’m sleeping and you cut me in half.” Funny girl. Yesterday at church Aubrey’s primary teacher pulls me aside laughing, she says that Aubrey just had a funny conversation and it goes like this:
Jayce: Aubrey I was thinking of inviting you over to my house after church.
Aubrey: I can’t, we’re moving today to Africa
Jayce: Oh that’s too bad, now I can’t marry you
Aubrey: I’m just kidding silly you can still marry me
She is such a silly little firecracker. She definitely keeps me laughing.

One thought on “Funny”

  1. I need to start writing down some of the things my kids say. Like Aspen was talking to my Mom the other day about lying. My Mom told her that Heavenly Father told us not to lie and her response was “Well, he hasn’t told me so I am going to keep doing it.” Nice eh?

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