Wow, It's been a while

I think this is the longest I have gone without adding an entry to my blog. Has anyone missed me? We’ve been busy with school beginning, and all that comes with getting back into a routine after a summer of play. I have a lot of pictures of things we’ve been doing that I’d like to add I’m not sure how to catch up but I’ll give it a shot.
On Labor Day went hiking with some friends. We hang out with the Hamblin’s a lot and enjoy their company. They have a daughter who is in her early teens that Emma just loves, and she is very sweet with Emma. It’s nice to have a good role models for Emma.
The hike was on the west side of Lake Tahoe, to some water falls up there, but they weren’t really flowing this time of year. The trail was hard to stay on because of the giant granite rocks. The kids had a blast climbing and scaling all of the rocks, we kind of lost our focus of finding the falls but accidentally found them when we were just about to give up. The hike was short, maybe 3 miles total, but it was perfect for the little kids. Aubrey was able to hike the entire way on her own and even Alyssa got down and did some of it. Afterward we found a great Chinese Buffet at Tahoe and we enjoyed a nice lunch.

Skipping now to the present, Danny’s sister Bonny is here for a visit. The kids are loving the attention that can only come from an Aunt. We don’t have relatives near by so when someone comes to visit it’s a special treat. What can you do as a Mom, if you say no to that milk shake you look like a real party pooper, so I try and just let them enjoy the attention knowing that it will be a while until they get another visitor.
I wanted to get some pictures before Bonny heads back to Alaska, so I took everyone to Dayton State Park and played photographer. The light was fading quickly but everyone was fairly cooperative, Aubrey kept thinking it was funny to stick her tongue out in every picture, 3 year old humor I guess, but I finally bribed her with a sucker so she would cooperate, and the rest of it went well.

I think my kids look more like they could be Aunt Bonny’s kids rather than my own. I see where they get their blonde hair from. We’ve had a great visit with Bonny!