What's Tomorrow?

Aubrey: What’s tomorrow?
Mom: Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Aubrey: NOOO! What is tomorrow?
Mom: When it’s tomorrow you can call it today…
Aubrey: NOOOO!!! What is tomorrow?
Mom: Good Gravy kid, why don’t you tell me what tomorrow is?
Aubrey: Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.
Mom: Oh.
Aubrey: What is Veteran’s Day?
Mom: It’s the day we think about and thank the people who protect us and our country.
Aubrey: How come we don’t?
Mom: Don’t what?
Aubrey: Say Thank You…
Mom: Hmmm, good point, we should, we will.

Once again, I have been taught by my little ones. Thanks Aubrey.

My dentist adventure

I had a dentist appointment this morning. This generally, does not put me in the best of moods, and I go in with the attitude of lets get this over with. Today I walked in and almost instantly knew it was going to be one of those days. There before me sat, Michael Jackson, now I know it wasn’t really Michael Jackson that was just my first impression. Here sat a lady, dressed from head to toe in black, covered in fur, wearing a pair of earrings that look like she stole from my Mothers chandelier. This was odd, but it got odder. She was wearing white lipstick, yes, white, it looked like she mistakenly picked up white out instead of her lip gloss. The application of the white out was on her lips and probably and inch around the outside of her lips, and matched her white powder foundation wonderfully. I was nice, and just walked in and sat down… picked up a magazine, and looked preoccupied. I must not have been convincing enough because she started talking to me. She asked me why the people at the office hate her? That they were being so mean to her… I put my magazine down and listened to her, figuring that someday I could be an eccentric old lady who just needs someone to talk to, but if I ever put white out on, someone tell me. So I said, they were mean to you? “Yes, I needed them to check my credit, don’t they know my computer is broken, I give them so much money, the least they can do is get online and check my account for me.” “My car is broken, I had to walk here, and they wont check my account, they don’t have to be hateful with me, I’m a person… on an on she went.” So I asked her if she had her card, that she could borrow my phone and call the number on the back of her card, and get her account info, she declined my offer saying she wouldn’t know how to do that, and not wanting to ask her personal info about her social security number to help her I just let her continue to rant to me. Then walks in a large hairy man. We’re talking pony tails and earrings, and then I smelled something, now I have a pregnant nose so it’s possible it wasn’t as bad as I smelled, but to me it was pretty bad. I thought maybe my Michael Jackson lady’s fox around her neck had passed on, or maybe it was the dead bunnies on her gloves, or the dead squirrel on her head, but I’m pretty sure it was the guy who just walked in. It wasn’t horribly offensive, so I decided to ignore… what would I have done anyway, then the lady opened the door and called my name, I’ve never been so happy to see the dentist in all my life.
I made a promise to myself to be more understanding of people. When I think of this lady, who tried hard to look her best, but had to walk to the dentist, she probably really could use some help. I have my oddities, and I’d rather people be understanding of them then judgmental, which with this lady I really tried but wasn’t sure how I could have helped her. I’m glad everyone is a little odd it makes life more interesting.