Random acts of Christmas Kindness

A few weeks ago, Tanner came home with a book order. We have all seen these book orders, they are identical to the ones I used to bring home 25 years ago when I was in grade school. Yikes that number scares me. The kids bring these book orders home all the time, and occasionally I look at them and even less often I actually order from them. This time Tanner showed me the book order and said he had found the perfect gift for Aubrey, I listened, I’m not sure I really listened though, and I agreed that Aubrey would really like Curious George’s Christmas book and left it at that. A week later, he asked me for the money for the book, and I brushed him off and told him it was almost Christmas and I just didn’t have the extra money for extra things right now. I guess this was more important to him then I had realized, and in hind sight wish I’d taken the time to really listen to him and understand how important this was to him. Anyway, Friday he came home from school with a surprise for Aubrey. I assumed it was popcorn that the kids have been buying at school on Fridays. He called me into his room and pulled out this book, holding it like it was gold. My first instinct was to be upset but he told me that he had paid for it with his own money and would like me to help him wrap it for Aubrey. He couldn’t wait to give it to her for Christmas, so he wrapped it in some paper from the printer that he drew pictures on for her, and taped a bag of popcorn to it, and took it out and gave it to her. He then sat her down and read the story to her. Of course she loved it, I think Aubrey and Curious George have a lot in common. His little act of kindness truly touched me. I thought about giving him the $3 for the book, but he was so proud of himself and I didn’t want to take that from him. What an example of what Christmas is really about.
I’ve seen many examples this week of sweetness from my children. I spent the day wrapping presents. Aubrey was my official carry the present to the tree person, and she was really getting into the sprit of it. Aubrey came in and started wrapping up pieces of gum. Now if you know Aubrey, she loves gum and ocassionally I give in and let her pick a pack of her own. So she was wrapping her prized possession for everyone. There was a part of me that was screaming, don’t waste the paper, bows, tape etc. but she carefully wrapped up gum for everyone. She wrote her own tags with the kids names, it was hard to be patient spelling out the names for her, but I could tell it was important. Like a typical kid, she couldn’t wait so we all opened pieces of gum tonight, but it was her little way of sharing.
I have seen a kind older sister take a little sister into her room just to keep her out of trouble. Emma has been so helpful, she helped me fold laundry for over an hour this morning, while we talked, laughed and watched a Christmas movie. That there was one of the best gifts she could have given me.
I love my kids, and my sweet husband.