One of those Sundays

We got to church 15 minutes early, and I was feeling like I was on top of everything. Diaper bag was packed, everyone was dressed, all hair in place, even curled. We sat down and a deacon came and asked Danny if he would help pass the sacrament. Our ward is short on youth and the men help out the young men every week. The bishop asked us if we’d give the opening and closing prayers… So things had gotten a little busy, but everyone was being pretty good. Anyway, Danny was gone and the wrestling with Alyssa began. She wiggles, climbs up on the bench and down, and then up and then down, I think you get it. She is on my lap, off my lap, up down, on, off etc… After the opening song I get up to go say the prayer trying to get Emma to take Alyssa and my shoe catches on my skirt, like the whole shoe wrapped in the skirt, I knew if I took a step my skirt would come down. So I hop out of the row with my foot stuck, and holding onto my skirt for fear the jarring of my foot would pull my skirt down. Finally I get out and and try to keep my composure not sure what my skirt is looking like in the back, but walk up and say the prayer. Then back to my wrestling match. Danny finally joins us and church finishes up with me feeling a bit over stimulated. Danny gets up to say the closing prayer, and Alyssa decides she has a booger, and sticks her finger up her nose. So I quietly pull it out and she yells pretty loud, I can’t get my booger, over and over through the entire prayer. The lady in front of me has lost it and is laughing hysterically, finally I just let Alyssa get her booger, Danny finishes the prayer and it’s off to primary for me to sing with kids… YIKES. I know there is a reason I go to church, sometimes though I forget, and I just go into survival mode. The fun of little kids, I can barely control the 4 I have, do I really have any business having another one. More fun is all I keep telling myself. More fun!