Grandma and Grandpa's visit

Grandma and Grandpa O are here visiting from Alaska. I guess the weather in Alaska this winter has been brutal, but this week it has warmed up and it is actually warmer up there then here, go figure.
We really haven’t done anything except sit around and yack, Grandma did help me with some kitchen chores this morning. If it wasn’t for my own mother and my mother in law, I’m afraid my microwave would never get cleaned.
Grandma made each kid a blanket for Christmas. My kids happen to love blankets, and they are being used and abused already.

Grandma is also helping me with my sewing skills. We had to quit tonight because my machine is acting up, but we think it is my needle, so we’ll go to the store on Monday and replace it and hope that it works. I have a fairly cheap machine, but I have a hard time investing in something more spendy when my skills are less then mediocre, and I don’t sew a lot. Maybe some year, but for now what I have works 90% of the time.
I am excited to finish this skirt we are sewing, having someone with me step by step has helped, and I’m pretty sure I can reproduce the same thing for the other girls. Watch out Emma, your going to be matching your sisters soon (insert evil grin here).

My Star Wars watching buddies or should I say Zombies?

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  1. I love that last snuggly picture. I could have given you a needle, Connie. They're cheap & I have lots. Can't wait to see the skirt.

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