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Matching Skirts

15 February 2009
These are the flowers Danny sent me for Valentines Day. He’s brought flowers home before, but never had them sent, he only gets better with age.

Grandma O’Barr sewed skirts for the girls. It started out as my project, but it was a little over my head, although I do think I could make one now. Anyway, I only had a pattern for Aubrey, but Grandma was able to manipulate it to make two more patterns for Emma and Aubrey. They turned out cute!


6 Comments to “Matching Skirts”

  1. I noticed the skirts yesterday. They look great! Do the girls like matching?

  2. Cute skirts. Aubrey doesn’t look very happy though–maybe that’s her smiling. But it’s almost as though you told her no lunch unless she stood there and posed for this picture, followed by a few minor expletives (ha ha, just kidding you sissy). Anyway, I love Emma’s hair too.

  3. Okay, I take that back, Alyssa doesn’t look very happy. Sorry, wrong A name.

  4. Actually it was Aubrey who was being a troll and Alyssa was smiling and ready for a picture, so then I started teasing Danny and Aubrey started to smile but by then Alyssa was just holding the smile.
    Aubrey didn’t want to share a picture with her sisters she thought she deserved her own photo, so if she had to be with them she was going to pull a grumpy face.
    Arianne, I’m not sure if they like to match, but they haven’t complained, so I will play until I can play no longer, which I fear wont last much longer.

  5. I noticed those skirts yesterday and I loved them!

    Lucky you and BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  6. The skirts are great but Emma’s hair if fantastic. I love the cute. Did you get all the hair collected and sent?

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