Life is pretty calm right now. Nothing exciting to blog about, I guess that is good. Last night was the Blue and Gold Banquet. The leaders did a great job. I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to scouting, but trying to figure it all out. The boys dressed as a famous American. Tanner chose Orville Wright, and then they told a little about that person. Boys that age are so cute.
Let’s see on other news, Alyssa had her 2 year old check up. The doctor has referred us to a skin cancer specialist for her birth mark on her side. It has developed moles over the last two years. She also says her legs are twisted. She didn’t refer us to a specialist for this, but I’m thinking I might look into it a little more. The doctor said some kids are just twisted, and that wearing braces is embarrassing for kids, but if you’ve ever watch Alyssa walk, she’s pretty turned in and I’d like to see if there isn’t a simple way to fix this while she is young.
As for our weekends lately, we’ve been staying home and doing some work around here. We had a contractor special for a front yard, so we’ve been moving some plants from the front yard to the back yard this week, and I gutted Tanner’s room. His room looks so nice now, he ran up and gave me a hug and thanked me for doing this for him. I could tell it was bothering him. Clutter can really wear on your mind. Last weekend was so warm and delightful that I sent the kids out to clean up a winters worth of dog poo. You’ll have to look at the picture to see how excited they were to have been given this chore.

This Saturday we are are going to Tahoe to go sledding. I’m sure I’ll post picture from that later.

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  1. I had pigeon toes when I was little and I ended up wearing these special brown shoes that would turn my feet outwards. That was like forever ago but maybe it would still work. They were high tops as well. Sexy. Have fun sledding. The poop picture is quite priceless. That’s why I haven’t any doggies. Bwa ha ha.

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