Sledding at Lake Tahoe

The kids have been looking forward to our wards annual sledding party. I had them get all of their gear together last night, and we were out the door this morning by 7:45am. We stopped at Wal Mart to pick up another sled, somehow Aubrey has grown up on us and we didn’t notice, but she wanted to know where her sled was. In the past she has been content to share with the older kids. I’m so glad we stopped and got her a sled though. That kid went up and down probably 50 plus times. We made sure of her location, but she was off on her own. Emma and Tanner of course were off and gone on their own, so that left us with Alyssa to watch. Alyssa enjoyed it most of the time, and took turns going down with everyone, but then was pretty content just to hang out on the side with me. It looked like fun, but figured I should probably sit this year out. We all had a great time until Aubrey met a tree with her head. When I got to her I brushed some bark off her head, and she just wanted to go to the van she even refused a donut and hot chocolate. I’m thinking her pride was more bruised then her head. She is fine though!!! The snow was on the short side this year, and there was a lot more mud poking through then normal, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Sledding at Lake Tahoe”

  1. Great pictures and sounds like lots of fun. Wish we could have been there. Sounds like Aubrey will have a bruise and great story to share.

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