Look what I did

This morning a talented lady in our ward had a bag sewing class. This was really easy, and fun too, I think I’ll have to make one for each of my girls. I asked Danny if I made one with really masculine fabric if I could make one for Tanner, he said probably not, I just don’t want him to feel left out. Maybe he’d like a new pillow case. Anyway, right after this class, I drove down to a local bar to meet up with my family. Yep you read that correctly, a bar. These nice people were holding a fund raiser for our friends the Hamblins. It was actually pretty fun, they had some large trees (that were burned in a recent fire up at Tahoe) hauled to the parking lot and they held a chainsaw cutting contest. Nothing like mixing alcohol and power tools. It was all for a good cause. It was an interesting day though, starting out with Relief Society and ending at a bar.

Just had to show the lining on the inside.

I have noticed that our Family Home Evenings have been geared to our older kids, it seems like they naturally get more out of it. I was talking the other day about Nephi to my younger kids, and they weren’t familiar with the story that I was talking about and I realized that I have neglected to teach my little kids what I have taught my older kids. So back to basics for a little while for us. On Monday we had a lesson on Lehi’s dream and then we ran a string from one end of the house to the living room. We had done this with our older kids but not with Aubrey and Alyssa. Emma and Tanner enjoyed the review of the lesson and the little kids loved it. Alyssa is a little bit of a chicken and wouldn’t let us blind fold her or turn out the lights, so she just followed the string but the other kids loved trying to follow it in the dark and blind folded. It was a reminder to me to keep things simple.

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  1. What a cute bag! You chose fabulous material! I wish I had been able to go to that class!

  2. Loved the bag. How do you find time to do it all??? The sledding looks like fun too.

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