11 thoughts on “Hallie Nicole”

  1. What a lucky girl, coming into all the love!! How AWESOME! Congratulations OBarrs!
    Love that song you picked! I never listened so close to all the words. Good pick!
    The Gardners.

  2. Hurray and congratulations! Hope you get some rest and good snuggle time with the new member of your family.

  3. YAY!!! Congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy! She looks just like an O’Barr!!!

  4. Congrats to The Obarr Family! I love all these pictures! Looks like the Lord has blessed you with another special spirit! I am
    hear for you if you need anything!:)

  5. So does her name have any special meaning. Other than it just being hers. :-)? Katy

  6. Connie and Danny,
    You guys do go good work. All the kids are beautiful and I am so happy for all of you.
    Give my little niece a kiss from her Uncle Rob. Welcome to Earth Hallie!

  7. So do you say it like Hailey’s comet with a long a sound our Hallie with a a sound like in apple. We think all of the pictures are gorgeous. 24 hours of induction sounds bad though. Don’t worry about the birth bruises etc. She still looks beautiful and she will not have any signs of that later.

  8. Connie and Danny, our prayers have been answered. Thanks for sharing. Grandkids are – – well – – a – – Just GRAND!!!

    LOVE YA,
    Grandpa O’Barr

  9. I can’t wait to meet Hallie. She’s beautiful. Is she an O’Barr or what? Sorry to hear of the trouble getting her here. Relax, rest and let others take care of things this week.

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