Spring Storm

We had a fabulous storm last night. I love the sound of thunder and watching the lightening and rain just make it that much more fun. I had to bring the kids in from outside because the lightening was hitting so close the entire house was shaking. After the storm we were left without any power, but a beautiful double rainbow. The kids set up camp in the living room with lanterns, and read stories, and finally fell asleep. Sometime around 1:00 am the power came back on. As a child I loved power outages, as an adult I found it a little unsettling, but still fun to watch my kids enjoy the storm that we so rarely get around here.

2 thoughts on “Spring Storm”

  1. We have been swimming over here for the last few days. It’s nice because I haven’t had to water the garden. I am sure the weeds are loving this as well. I also love when the power goes off. Its cozy for some reason. I am guessing that there is no baby yet eh? Let me know when you have popped. Your contrite friend.

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