No baby yet…

I guess I just want my next blog to be about the new baby, but since I’m still pregnant… I didn’t really expect to have a baby yet, I’m not sure why I torture myself every time, but I do. I always say I’m not going to expect a baby early this time, it never comes early, this time I’m going to have realistic expectations, ahhh who am I kidding, I’m still hoping for an early baby, not a 10 day past whatever date science says is when this kid is due, I think the doctor forgot to inform the baby. Oh well… maybe it’s a good thing since we still don’t have a name.
The world continues to turn though and the kids have been busy as ever with the end of school. There are field trips, soccer games, and just life in general, I prefer busy!

Last fall, the co-op preschool group I’m involved in was at my home, and the kids were having a blast opening up sunflower seeds. Danny had harvested a large bag of seeds from our flowers. So the kids go home and we get one of our famous wind storms that we are known for and Danny’s bag of seeds were blown off the table where the kids were playing with them and they scattered all over the yard. Fast forward to spring. We have giant sunflowers growing EVERYWHERE, and mostly in places we don’t want them.

Our strawberries are having a good year, and my strange hybrid lilacs bloomed this year for the first time, they are dark purple with a white border, I love them.

Well the car seat is installed. I read a blog about a lady who did her visiting teaching and went into labor within 24 hours of completing it, so I have done that, expect for one, but I can’t meet with her until Friday, so maybe Saturday… All laundry is done, the little girls room is clean, and organized, and I’d say I’m ready to go. So tomorrow I’m going to start a sewing project, small one, just to keep my mind busy. I really should be concentrating on a name though… Hopefully the next post will be about our newest member of our family.

Can’t bring the camera out without the kids shouting, “take a picture of this mom”. Everyone wanted to be the center of attention tonight. Even Danny, he wanted me to take a picture of his green lawn.

We often take a local road home from town instead of the highway. We love this road because you never know what you might see. Tonight a beautiful white crane flew in front of us and landed close to the river. I only had my cell phone camera with me, so you can just barely see it and the quality isn’t good enough to zoom on it, but look closely it’s there. Most nights we see deer, and there are always giant turkey vultures, but this is our first time to see a crane.