One Month

One month old chubby cheeks

OK, so this last pregnancy seemed to last at least 9 years, but this last month was more like minutes. How is that fair at all? With this being our last little baby I would like to enjoy it, but it is already going so fast.
Hallie is still getting up every couple of hours to eat, but must be nearing 8 pounds because the last two nights she did a 4 hour stretch. The more sleep I get the more I crave, I could really use 8 hours. I find I’m a little short with my older kids, and I so badly don’t want to be. Things will only get better though.
The doctor has us coming in for a weight check on Tuesday. At her two week check up she wasn’t back to her birth weight yet, I’m pleased though that the doctor didn’t freak out and make us come back every couple of days for weight checks.
This has been a busy week. Tanner has been away during the days for cub scout camp. He’s having a good time but I think he’s exhausted.
Aubrey has mastered her bike without training wheels this week. She’s been able to balance for a long time now, but had a hard time starting and stopping, Danny finally just got out there with her and she has it down. Now she is off on bike rides with the older kids, and feeling so proud of herself. Alyssa of course didn’t want to be left out and demanded that she ride a bike too. She is now pedaling like a pro, which is great, but has its down side. Danny had to chase her down yesterday as she headed out of the circle and refused to stop.