August Already!

Friday we picked Danny up from work at 3:00 and headed up to Carson Pass to hike to Winnemucca Lake. When we got to Frog Lake, which is half way there, we stopped for me to feed Hallie, Danny took the rest of the kids around the back side of the lake to see what they could see. Alyssa stayed with me, and just as Danny got out of sight she had to pee. I had no where to sit Hallie, and she was eating, so I just continued to nurse, and held Alyssa with my other hand while she peed right in front of me. She did great, I joked with Danny that although I haven’t held a job in years something like that proves I can multitask pretty well.
We made it to Winnemucca Lake just as a lightening storm was coming in. It started raining, and our dinner picnic was ruined. We felt for safety reasons that we needed to get down off the top of the mountain before the lightening came any closer so we quickly turned around and headed back. Aubrey had won a certificate for Baskin Robbins at the library and she took us all out for ice cream.

Backside of Frog Lake and the storm moving in!

We’ve been doing a lot of small hikes here in Dayton, the kids love to come with me and catch lizards, I make them release them, but they never stop asking to bring them home with them. Alyssa finds them fascinating yet disgusting at the same time.

Parenting tip of the week: Don’t buy those bowls that suction cup to the table. Poor Lis, trying to pull the bowl off the table to put in the sink (awww, shucks what a good kid) pulled too hard and it released from the table and it landed on the top of her head. Chicken and dumplings spilling all down her face and chunks of dumplings in her hair. Poor kid.

Today I made a stuffed toy for Hallie, it’s a little goofy, but I wanted to sew something, and I didn’t need a pattern, and I had some left over wool felt from Christmas stockings and a bell for the inside. The only thing I’d do different besides using cute material is embroider the face on before I got it all sewed together. In case you can’t tell what it is it’s an alligator, I’m thinking it’s looking a bit more like a creepy scorpion. Oh well, it jingles, and it didn’t cost me anything.