Hello November

I was so happy to see November come, not that Halloween isn’t fun, but in Nevada Halloween is a multi day event, and really I’m just about sick of Halloween.  As a child Halloween was so much fun, but as an adult I see it in a whole new light, I’m sorry Mom!  Nevada Day happens to fall on Halloween, so the kids had Friday the 30th off of school, so the parties at school were done on the 29th.  They moved trick or treating in Carson City to Friday night I still don’t know why but where we live it was on Saturday.  Then there is the Trunk or Treat and well, it just goes on forever.  So now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Christmas shopping mostly done so it should be a stress free enjoyable season.  Is it bad that Santa is bringing Hallie a carseat?  She needs one and really I don’t think she’ll hold it against the jolly man.

For Nevada day we went to California.  We went to the Sacramento Zoo, IKEA, and Danny’s favorite place on the planet Fry’s.  I must admit I was impressed with Fry’s, it’s probably more fun though because we have to drive so far to get there.  Overall a great weekend.






Alyssa had to pick a costume we had on hand and she picked a spider.  She has never been happy with this costume, if anyone knows Alyssa she is truly a princess, and something scary and icky was not up her alley.  She almost opted out of Halloween at the thought of being something scary.  I finally told her to put on a leotard and be a ballerina.  I have never seen her so pleased with how she looked.  She couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.  She loves all things of beauty, and she kept spinning at the doors and telling everyone that she was a pretty “balleringa”.  I’m so happy I was able to make Halloween happy for her.


2 thoughts on “Hello November”

  1. We visited a Fry’s in Texas several years ago. Those stores are huge. Did you get anything fun at IKEA? I’ve been brainstorming a way to justify driving all the way there just for furniture.

    Santa brought our family a piano a few years ago when the kids were too little to feel jipped.

    Good for you getting the shopping done already. I still need to borrow that catalog from you!

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