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Yesterday I went visiting teaching, and had sort of a flash back moment.  I was remembering a visiting teaching trip from 10 years ago.  I had one child, and I knew EVERYTHING.  I had a partner that I really liked, she had 5 children, was building a house and was the busiest person I knew.  As I was having my flash back moment, I remembered thinking when I was with her that I would NEVER have 5 children, I would never feed my kids in the car on the way to dropping them off at some one’s house so we could go visiting teaching,  and I would never run around crazy trying to accomplish so many things in one day.  I have 5 children, and yesterday I fed my kid some fruit loops as I ran her to someone’s home so I could go visiting teaching, and then picked up my partner and explained to her that we had to stop at the bank on the way to our sister’s home because I had dropped my purse in the parking lot like some crazy lady and had to stop and pick it up because someone was nice enough to turn it in.  I realized yesterday that I, yes me, had turned into this lady.  “Now what” I said to myself.  Not only did I do everything I said I wouldn’t do but I used to know everything, and now, I have realized I know NOTHING.  Someone hold the boat, reverse, back it up people.  Where did the time go?  I plead with you, please tell me where it went.  Those mom’s I knew back then told me time would go fast, they warned me, why didn’t I listen?  Now I’m the OLD Lady with all the children, who is slightly crazy.  Sigh… I guess that’s all I have to say about that, I must think on it more. Life is good though, so good, and I wouldn’t trade these crazy years for anything, I will take the time to notice everything, I will be slow to judge, quick to forgive and I will enjoy every moment that I have been given with these 5 children that I cherish so much, and I will drive around crazy.

So it’s been a couple of crazy weeks.  Danny has been really busy with work.  A small school district here had a massive computer problem and had no back up for all of their stuff.  Danny walked them through a couple of things on the phone and told them that they’d have to send their hard drives out to have them recovered at a cost of $11,000.  He thought about it for a while, and finally called them and said if you have someone drive your server to me I will see what miracle I can perform.  They drove it to him, and he spent many hours on it in the garage, but eventually my mad scientist emerged from his man cave victorious and the little school district was very happy.  He charged them a small fee, and he quickly thanked his Heavenly Father for the gift he has been given.  I’m not sure if he’s an evil genius, mad scientist, or just a computer geek, but I’m thankful that he’s my husband.

A section that Grandmas and Grandpas can appreciate:

Emma got the first quarter academic of excellence award from her first year in middle school.  She got all A’s, and parent teacher conference had words like “ray of sunshine, delightful, beautiful child.”  We attended her first flute concert last night, and her band teacher made her stand in front of everyone to embarrass her because she had written music, and words, for a Language Arts project and then played and performed the song, the band teacher was impressed.

Tanner also got a straight A report card.  He also received the Student of Excellence award for October.  His teacher had nothing but good things to tell us about Tanner.  She said that she had sat him next to a very shy girl who was struggling, and enjoyed watching him help her, even convincing her to go and ask the teacher for help on something, and her grades were brought up because of his influence.  I recently read a note he wrote to his sisters, he put on there “you guys, are the best sisters ever.”  I had to laugh that he calls them guys, Freudian slip?

Aubrey got an equally great report, her teacher said you’d never know that she was the youngest kid in the class, she’s mature, smart, and just a great kid.  Aubrey, I worried a little more about starting school, she’s a little more stubborn than Emma and Tanner, but she is controlling herself and saving her stubbornness for me.

I guess those are my thoughts for the week, here’s hoping for a Thanksgiving holiday with family that doesn’t involve computer emergencies, like the last few weeks have had.

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  1. You are not too crazy for me. It is sad that we have to get wiser and eat our words about “I will never do that” because we end up doing those things. Your kids are awesome! See what a good crazy mom you are?

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