8 months old

Hallie is 8 months old today, amazing to me that 8 months has passed.  I had grand plans to take picture of her today, I was going to wait until the lighting was perfect but she woke in such a good mood, , that I decided to just do them this morning.  I didn’t want to ruin her mood by dressing here, so here are a few.  Anyone know of a good online tutorial for photo editing?

Hallie just cut her first tooth, and is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  She’s happy most of the time, but likes to be held all the time.

2 thoughts on “8 months old”

  1. Happy closer to 40 than 30 birthday to Danny, and happy 8 months to Hallie! She is so big and beautiful! Good for Emma for skiing! I’ve always been afraid to try. I enjoyed all your Christams pics and the new look to the blog. Very fun and wintery! Makes me want to play in some snow, and then come home to warm Mesa 🙂

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