Life is Crazy

The kids are busy, Emma is skiing at Tahoe every Friday now, and basketball season has started for Tanner.  Emma won the 6th grade spelling bee and will be heading to the county spelling bee in a few weeks.  We got a visit from Grandma and Grandpa O’Barr.  We’ve set some family goals, and some individual goals, and have been trying to get ourselves into a routine.  I’ve been going to the gym for a couple of weeks now, and I’m feeling great, but disapointed that I can’t seem to drop any pounds, but trying not to  dwell.  Life is crazy.  Today was a typical Sunday, I must admit, I have been wondering why the Sabbath is called the day of rest, when it seems like it is usually such a crazy day and I can’t wait for it to end so that I can get some rest.  We got to church today, and Aubrey couldn’t wait to go and give our tithing to a member of the bishopric.  Aubrey knows the brother really well that she was giving the tithing to, and so she runs up to him, to talk.  I was behind by a few minutes getting the baby out and getting into the chapel.  When I walked in, I took a quick note of where my kids were, and noticed Aubrey up talking to Bro. Clark, and her middle finger is straight up with all of her other little fingers folded down, and she is holding her hand right up in his face.  I just about lost it, when I noticed that she was enthusiastically showing him that she was wearing her CTR ring.  I chuckled to myself, and knew he would know her intent of the action, and I went and sat down.  That child is going to be the death of me, at least I’ll die laughing.

I think anytime I add something to my life something else suffers, and my blog seems to be the victim.  Because I keep it as a family journal it’s important that I keep writing, even if my writing sucks, and no one reads it.

One of my friends is doing a picture a day for 365 days, it sounds like such a fun project, but I keep thinking that because I didn’t start on January 1st I can’t do it, but I guess I set my own rules, so I might try it.

Danny’s birthday is tomorrow.  He’s is now closer to 40 then he is to 30, so to celebrate we had a few friends over tonight for cake and ice cream.  I also made him his favorite meal from his growing up years.  My brain kept screaming that you should never make your husbands favorite childhood meal that his mom used to make, because it will never taste like his Mom makes it.  But I made it anyway, and it turned out pretty good, although to me it looks like a plate of vomit, but it does taste good.  I can’t express what my husband means to me.  He is my everything, he’s so kind and giving of everything.  He’s a fabulous father, and a great husband, and I can’t imagine life without him.  I can tell him anything, talk to him about everything, he sees the darkest places of my mind, and still loves me.  He is my best friend.

Alyssa in one of her famous outfits.  Yes, those are tights over the top of feetie jammies.

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  1. I read! I keep it in my Google reader so I know when you make a new entry. But it makes me lazy about commenting. Sorry. I’ll try to be better.

    If you’re hesitant about 365, start with Picture-a-Day for a month. Really, anything you do (pictures, blog) will be a success–any effort blesses your family, even if it isn’t done consistently or perfectly. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

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