There is beauty all around…

I often refer to the place we live as Brown Town.  Beauty is around us, but is often elusive, and I have to be on the lookout to find it.  When we first moved here, I set a goal to find something beautiful daily, it almost became a game for me.  I find that I still do this at least once a week.  There is always beauty to be found coming down the hill into Dayton especially in the the fall and the spring. The big cottonwoods frame the shore of the river.  Charm can be found hiking around the ruins of the old mill, and in the old buildings in old town Dayton.  We love to walk down to the river from our home and stop at the little pond and try to catch frogs.  Today we took a walk after church down to the river.  It was such a wonderful day that we wandered a little further than normal, and found a waterfall (kind of) and a beach.  I was so pleasantly surprised, after living here for 9 years, we found something new.  I’m looking forward many picnics there this spring.  I love the little surprises life gives.

Waterfall (kind of)

Feeding Daddy a rock sandwich

Daddy and his girls, nice Aubrey! She did something crazy in every picture, little goose.

A decent one of Aubrey

Aubrey collected shells on the beach and came home with dozens of them in her pocket

Hallie loved being outside, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of her

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  1. We used to camp there when I was a little girl! Before Brookhaven and Riverpark, it was the Rolling A Ranch. My dad knew the guy that ran it, so I have lots of fun memories there!

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