The Chiropractor

“Ring, ring, ring, Hullo…”

“Uh Hi, Honey?… How’s work?”

“Good, I’m down 3 men today, the server at … blah, blah, blah and we were able to recover, blah, blah, so cool, blah, blah.  Did you need something, I know you didn’t call to hear my computer garble.”

“I’m so sorry, my back… sob, sob, sob, the baby is crying, sob, sob, sob, I’m so sorry, sob, sob, sob.”

“I can leave at noon, does that work”

I say Yes, in my mind I’m screaming NO.  Danny got home just in time.  Alyssa was sitting on the toilet needing a serious wiping, and the baby was hungry and I was frozen in my spot wondering how I got into this mess.

I’m tough, I go to bed, real tough huh?  Spend the next 3 days there, telling Danny that tomorrow I’ll be better, tomorrow comes, no luck, tomorrow, nope, tomorrow, hmmm.  Now what?

My good friend, convinced me to call a chiropractor, I couldn’t get into her person, so I find another recommendation.  I had no idea what to expect, but was prepared for some sort of chain, and traction type table, along with other torture type instruments, that will surely be covered in metal spikes.

The guy quickly tells me that I have two vertebrae that are locked into an unnatural position.  Hmmm, this is costing me how much?  He has me get into a pretzel like position, and I feel like I’m going to fall off the table, he tells me that he’s only ever dropped 3 people and to relax (ha).  I tell him that I’m almost certain to be his 4th.  He strikes like a cat when I’m nervously chatting, POP, crap, what the heck… He says to roll over and we’ll do it again on the other side.  I do, but this time I’m on to his trick, and my muscles tense up and there is no way he’s going to catch me off guard again.  He says something about knowing my type… (control freak).  He’s says to come back on Wednesday he has some other tricks up his sleeve.  I did feel a lot better.  It’s a miracle, I’m ready to hand over my first born, but he warns me that what he did is going to hurt and that ice will be my friend.  I don’t use it, in my mind all was well.  So on the way home I call the kids, tell them to have shoes on and balls ready we’re going to the park.  We get to the park, and I try to jump out of the car and show these kids how to shoot some hoops, when I realize that I’m in a lot of pain.  I’m walking, but one foot is dragging, Danny teases me a little, and the kids run circles around my pathetic limb dragging person.  Sigh.  I went and sat on a bench until I started shivering and drug my leg to the van.  Danny fixed dinner, we had FHE on my bed.  The kids all stood on my bed while singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  It was cute, but maybe a little bit of a dig since there was no way I could touch my knees or toes.  Funny, aren’t they?

I’m still not sure how I feel about the chiropractor, I’m assuming this is going to take time, and that is one thing I don’t have.