End of the Year Fun

The end of the school year brings a lot of excitement, I know I’m feeling excited to have my kids back at home, and I’m attempting to put together some fun things for us to do this summer.  Aubrey finished her first year of school.  It was a class of 30 kids, and I think she might have had more attention at home, but Kindergarten is a right of passage, and she had a fun year.  She’s a good little girl, and we love her so much, but I’m happy that I have her home with me again for a few months.  Tanner had the end of the year talent show, and he played the piano for it.  He was nervous, I don’t see him nervous very often, but he did great.  After he was done, he told me that he just pretended that he was at home practicing, and that is how he made it through.  I love it when they find ways to solve their problems, and take care of things.  He’s growing into a fabulous young man.  Emma finished her first year of middle school.  I have heard such horrible things about this age, and I don’t have the fondest of memories in my own life of this stage in life, but Emma’s handling it well.  She has loved her teachers this year, and they seem to be equally as fond of her.  I don’t remember bonding with my teachers in middle school, but Emma talks with her teachers all the time, and enjoys being with them.  She was accepted into the Nation Junior Honors Society, I think that is what it’s called.  I’m not sure what it entails, but we had some sort of a candle lighting ceremony, it seemed like a big production for something I thought was not very big.  So I’m hoping that we haven’t committed to something we aren’t prepared to commit to.  One of those Mom moments where I was caught off guard when I showed up to the meeting.  Sometimes I’m in over my head (shhh don’t tell anyone).  Tomorrow is the last day of school and I’m looking forward to some lazy days sitting on the beach at Tahoe.