Slow Learners

Let’s review:

May 2008– Hope Valley

We have camped in Hope Valley  for many years, usually on Memorial Day, and all but one year in my memory we were snowed on.  This time we waited until Mid June, although no snow, we froze.  The wind was so bizarre.  It would sound like a semi was roaring it’s engines and we knew to brace ourselves, not 5 seconds later the wind would blow through and the tent would just about collapse.  This happened every 10 minutes or so ALL NIGHT LONG.  I’ve never experienced such odd wind gusts, and I got very little sleep.  The temperatures were in the mid 30’s that night, and although prepared for the weather, we still froze, I should say I froze, the kids slept just fine.  I was a party pooper and convinced Danny to pack up in the morning and head for home, it just wasn’t any fun for me, the kids seemed to find fun even in the cold and wind.  We’ll try it again in a few weeks, maybe it’ll be warmer by then.  It is a beautiful place and we were just about alone up there.  We had the meadow to ourselves, and kids loved playing soccer in the flowers, and Alyssa picked a few and would say, “just one more” which turned into a couple dozen more.