Time Flies

Time flies when your having fun, actually it flies fast whether you are having fun or not.  I got my first back to school clothing catalog in the mail the other day.  I almost cried.  I also got my first Halloween catalog in mail.  I usually love finding these things in my mail, I enjoy browsing the pages, dreaming of sending my girls to school in cute tights and sweet skirts.  I love that crayons are $.25 a box, and that I can throw out all of the old markers and paints and not feel guilty buying more knowing that the old ones were well used and that I’m getting a great price on all of the supplies.  I look forward to shiny little mary jane shoes, and the excited feeling in my gut as I prepare to send my little ones off on a new adventure and wonder what wonderful things they will discover this year.  This year it is coming all too fast.  I haven’t posted at all this summer, it’s not that we aren’t doing things, but I can’t seem to keep up with everything around the house with my new little walker/explorer.  I’m so out numbered when we go swimming, and the thought of having to let my camera drown while I save my little one pretty much talks me out of bringing it along.  Alas, I have surrendered to time, it always wins, so I have decided that time is to be enjoyed and not beaten.  So here are some of our summer shenanigans.

The end of June brought a trip to Murtaugh Idaho.  Monte lives up there and due to his job he can’t get away during summer months at all, so we all went there to see him.  Eva, my only sister, who I haven’t seen in 3 years met us up there also.  My kids were so excited to meet up with their cousins that they haven’t seen in forever.  Monte sure knows how to show everyone a good time.  Look what he made us for dinner.

Monte also has a couple of owls living in a large tree above his house.  Tanner was delighted about all of the owl vomit around.  We dried and dissected a few pellets, not to mention the fun the kids had finding owl feathers.  Monte, being the bachelor that he is has a pretty cool motorcycle, and of course the kids adored that.  Aubrey, my little adrenaline junkie couldn’t get enough of it.

Monte lives right across the street from Murtaugh Lake.  I’m telling you this is the best place to bring kids, there wasn’t a moment of boredom, and nothing cost much money.  We even flooded a skunk out from under his driveway, but that is a story for another time.

Cousin Love– amazes me that these kids don’t know each other at all, how quickly they love.

A few pictures of Hallie, she bonded pretty well with Grandpa, but overall wanted Mama, or Dada.

One of the two owls living over Monte’s house

Eva’s kids are pretty close to the same age as mine.  She just forgot to have one when I had my last one, we’ll have to work on that.

Parade in West Jordan:

More cousin time


We went to Lagoon on Tuesday, July 6th.  Danny flew to Ohio that day and so I had all of the kids there by myself.  My sister and her husband and Grandma came.  Needless to say to keep my sanity my camera didn’t come.  I only got a few pictures with my cell phone.  We had a great day there, Emma and Tanner took off for most of the day on their own with their cousin Evan.

Grandma had a friend come and give all the girls glitter toes.  We had a great time in Utah, and lots of fun reuniting with cousins and family.

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